South Africa / by Zachary Krahmer

So my phone was stolen in one of the townships near Cape Town, so no more instagram.

here are a few facebook updates from the last week or so:

May 28

"Spent the evening in two townships, Khayelitsha and Guguletu. Lots of images. Lots of stories. Saw a robbery, had 3 hookers try to manhandle me in a shabeem, had cows blood spilled on me from a head they tossed over me as i photographed, learned some basic Xhosa phrases, Ryan had a motorbike accident when i was in the townships (a few stitches on his chin, he’s fine now, glad i chose not to ride), tried township moonshine, it’s been quite the first day in South Africa." #textsformom — en Guguletu, Western Cape.

June 5

after a month of questionable water, 6 currencies, 40+ ethnic groups and hundreds of languages, huge plates of meat, interviews with refugees, townships, pick pockets, development ngos, rastafarians, gothics, boers, blacks, coloureds and everything in between, 3 watches (one broke, one was soaked in tortoise urine at a traditional healer, don’t ask), giant bottles of beer, eating millet by hand, fufu, trotros, and maneuvering shabeens full of curious eyes, its off to the middle east with Ryan Ashley for now. — en Dawhat al Qatar, Ad Dawhah.