Perfectly All Right / by Zachary Krahmer

This is a small visual excerpt of a recently completed project of mine. Participants included housemaids who wanted to be vets, chefs who wanted to be kiteboarding instructors and hostel managers who wanted to be drummers.

From artist statement:

Perfectly all right is an exploratory documentary featuring eight residents of the city of Townsville. The project focuses around something that everyone has, some have pursued and none have consciously forgotten; the work is about dreams and the perceptions that surround our constructed identities. This project is about the individual, not the situation or career. 

Dreams are interesting things. I see them as the undiluted product of our upbringing and experiences.

They are the purest semblance of what we may have grown into had everything in our life gone differently (not necessarily for the better). But this is real life, and situations can arise putting our pursuit of these goals on hold for more practical reasons. Bills accumulate, family members move to fight overseas, children are born, and rent needs to be paid. The need for a stable income and method of achieving financial normalcy takes priority over illusory goals. Dreams are submitted to the harsh expectancies of reality and yet, life continues onward. We do something to pay the bills. Our pay is received and we return home to the personal kingdom we have created, living life as best we can.

Despite this disconnect, we find that in the end we are oftentimes perfectly all right”

All work © Zach Krahmer