Mini Photo Essay: One Night in Wellington/Krumping / by Zachary Krahmer

So I returned from my trip through New Zealand a few weeks ago and just developed my film.

The 8 days of caffeine induced bus travel and hostel lifestyle were filled with many experiences. One of which happened during my nights stay in the city of Wellington.

It was late. I had just arrived off the ferry from Picton (Wellington is on the South part of the North island, Picton vice versa), and I was hungry.

Not wanting to break the bank by buying the overpriced ramen behind the hostel counter, I ventured off into Wellington. Carrying my film camera for the first time in months, I was ready to put a roll through and buy my groceries on the other side of town. 

It was 10:30pm, I walked by a parking garage and heard shouting and loud music. There weren’t any cars parked inside and there was a guy that looked and dressed like Fat Joe smoking a cigarette outside the entrance. This looked dodgy, so I decided to go in with my camera (not thinking, or was I?).

Long story short, I met a group of guys, many Maori (one of the indigenous cultures of NZ), who meet biweekly to Krump in this garage. It just so happened that my stopover in Wellington coincided with their meeting. 

What I found was a close and intentional community that met on a biweekly basis to practice their dancing. They danced specifically as Krumpers, and would send hits or videos of themselves to other dance crews across New Zealand. I found myself in a strange world, and felt I’d really fallen down the rabbit hole.

Unfortunately only had a few exposures left, but had a great time talking to these guys and getting to hear their stories. Another great memory left behind in NZ/Australia.

This guy had dislocated his knee before I arrived and was still waiting for Paramedics.

Feeding off the energy of each other.

The crew